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Program - Dehumanized Progress LP

Man, Texas has produced more than its fair share of cool Japanese-style hardcore bands, and PROGRAM is another feather in that very odd cap. The riffage is frequently GAUZE-level frantic, and the tuning is very NIGHTMARE, had there been tons of killer stop-starts in the songwriting. The leads are more Scandi-style one-notes than full-on solos (though there are some blazers as well, viz. “Pleasure for Blood”), and the vocals have more than a trace of Tom G. Warrior in them, which adds a bit of character to separate PROGRAM from their contemporaries. The gorgeous clean and clear production is a huge asset for the band and their style—credit to both the studio and the mastering job. Lyrics are interesting, brushing up against some conspiracy theory stuff à la ATROCIOUS MADNESS, but also real-world issues like the disappearances of Latinx and Indigenous women in border areas. This is a killer LP, don’t let this slip under your radar!! (A. Underwood - MRR March 2020)